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Project Description
Get an all-tabbed, free floating type of a notepad - a perfect replacement for the current notepad for a normal computer user. You no longer have to open several notepads for editing them. Just open My Notepad and you can place your notes anywhere you like.

Developed in C#.

Features :
  • Multiple docking
  • Edit multiple documents at one time
  • Syntax highlighting for c, c++, c#, java and html
  • Java highlights more than 3500 built in classes (only J2SE)
  • Enhanced Find and Replace features
  • Automatic Line Numbers
  • Print Preview, Quick Print

My Notepad

My Notepad Syntax Highlighting

My notepad runs on .NET Framework 2.0. The core text edition portion has been taken from the ScintillaNET and the docking is Weifen Luo's Dock Panel Suite which is very similar to Avalon Dock for the Windows Forms. These two provide the flexibility like never before.

Features like syntax highlighting, smart indentation which are the best of Scintilla, can be included and the drag and dock feature of Weifen Luo's Dock Panel Suite just makes docking completely customizable.

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